Some Great Reviews!

I recently checked our Amazon reviews and found these lovely gems from two avid reviewers!!

5 of 5 stars
Go Forth and Eat Great Things
What we need is a library full of books like this. People crave local foods which reflect the broad ethnic diversity of this nation. I commend Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell in their accomplishment of this task for the city of St. Louis. This well written digest of local neighborhoods, shops, stores, and resources is peppered with recipes, resources for non- “St.Louis-ers” (I made that up!) which reflects the vibrance of not only St. Louis but America. I will be calling Volpi’s for salami, The Smokehouse Market for some real sausages, and several others. This book is a St. Louis Foodies dream. Get it – read it – and go forth and eat great things!


5 of 5 stars
Great Planning Tool
My wife and I like to take vacations in cities. We’ve been to many of the great cities in the United States. We are planning a trip this summer to St. Louis. When we travel we focus on 3 primary activities: 1) Eating in restaurants, especially various ethnic restaurants, that we can’t find in our local community; 2) Visiting farmers markets, ethnic grocery stores, and other places food stuff is found; 3) Shopping at antique stores, malls, flee markets, estate sales, etc.”Shop Like A Chef” by Chef Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell has proven to be a great planning tool for our visit. In a consolidated place we could find the places to meet 1 and 2 on our lists and with the neighborhood guide we could quickly interface and compare the locations of eating and food markets with the antique shopping guides we have for the St. Louis area. This was a time savor and a real help in our planning.

Additionally the book was an interesting read providing a wealth of information about St. Louis that I have not seen in any of the other materials we have including information from official city and visitor information sources.

As avid cooks we have circled a couple recipes from the book to try, especially after we visit the stores and restaurants in a couple months.

We will definitely look for similar guides to help us plan future trips. Great job.

We can’t thank the readers enough for leaving such passionate and honest reviews. We are humbled and happy to bring new fun and food into peoples’ lives! I hope you will check the book out and find it just as inspiring!!
Get out there and Shop Like A Chef.



Spring Events.

Spring has officially Sprung and we will be making our rounds with the book, cooking class, and lots of other fun events!!

Please join in St. Louis and Grand Rapids for all the food and fun.



May 18, 2014 – 10:30am-3pm Book and Mustard Sales at The Kitchen Speakeasy

My Orange House (3100 Potomac, 63118)

May 20, 20142pm Presentation and Book Signing

Grand Glaize Branch Library (1010 Meramec Station Rd, 63021)

May 22, 201411am-2pm Cheese Making Class

My Orange House (3100 Potomac, 63118)



May 27, 2014 – Radio Interview

May 28, 20147pm Fundraiser “Iron Chef” for Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra

The Ambassador Ballroom at the Amway Grand (187 Monroe NW, 49503)

May 29, 20146pm Vegetarian Comfort Foods Class

Downtown Market (435 Ionia Ave SW, 49503)

May 30, 20146pm VegMex Class

Downtown Market (435 Ionia Ave SW, 49503)

May 31, 201410am Vegan-omics Class

Downtown Market (435 Ionia Ave SW, 49503)

May 31, 20142pm Book Signing and Cooking Demo

Barnes and Noble (Woodland Mall, 3195 28th SE, 49512)



June 37pm Presentation and Book Signing

Dan Boone Library (300 Clarksson Rd, 63011)

June 57pm Presentation and Book Signing

Sam Sachs Library (16400 Burkhardt, 63017)

June 78am-12:30pm Selling and Chatting at the Market

Tower Grove Farmers’ Market (Tower Grove Park at the Pool Pavilion)


oiling your wood.

From my Culinary Mercenary blog, a piece about taking care of your wooden equipment! Because it’s not only food that makes a great cook…

culinary mercenary

One thing life has taught me, is that some things really are made to last – and there are definitely some kitchen equipment I plan to have for my lifetime. Our throw-away culture is destroying our minds into thinking that most of what we have is disposable. So treat it rough, with American panache, and then dump it in the trash.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your things – with a little cultivation – can remain functional for a long, long time. In specific, you wooden equipment will smile at you if you follow two simple rules: do not soak and oil regularly.

Below I have included pictures of my sadly neglected wooden cutting boards and spoons that I loved up on and oiled on one side, to show you the contrast.

The hows and whys.

Why wood? First of all, I prefer wooden equipment for many…

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Midwest Book Review!

We got a great review from the Midwest Book Review’s CookBook Shelf:

Synopsis: “Shop Like a Chef: A Food Lover’s Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods” by Chef Clara Moore and St. Louis food and beverage writer Matt Sorrell will enable the reader to locate the exact ingredient needed with its index of over 1,000 items; learn new foods, recipes, and skills; eat better; save money; support a range of local businesses and farmers; fell comfortable in St. Louis’s gourmet outlets, specialty shops, and ethnic grocery stores; and simply expand personal culinary horizons in all directions.

Critique: Although the shopping information is oriented towards St. Louis, the basic information is universal. Plus the recipes are simply terrific and guaranteed ‘kitchen cook friendly’. Highly recommended, especial for St. Louis residents, “Shop Like a Chef: A Food Lover’s Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods” has a great deal to commend it to the attention of non-St. Louis residents and would aptly serve as a template for similar works set in other American cities.

You can find the real thing here!

An Old North Sausage Shop. Photo by Neil Das

An Old North Sausage Shop. Photo by Neil Das

Community Support and March Events!

I recently got some love from a beautiful blog Third Story(ies) on Valentine’s Day. It’s a colorful blog about a lovely house and gorgeous food, so glad the book is in the hands of another inspired cook!

And we are proud to be #3 on the blogroll of the super inspiring blog, I Run in the Rain! It chronicles a woman’s journey from an unhealthy weight to a new life of health, it is exciting and heartfelt.

There are a few events in the works for March, and not just your run-of-the-mill signings either!:

Matt and I will be giving a talk at the Schlafly Branch St. Louis Public Library on March 13th at 7pm as part of their month long celebration of Food!! We will be signing books too, but also talking about the book, shopping, and food.

I am also proud to say that we will have a table at the open reception of the ACF Regional Conference in St. Louis. Very excited to share the book with professionals!

Stay warm and I will see you soon, St. Louis!!


Moving Forward

The success of St. Louis’ Shop Like A Chef have got us all so excited about bringing it to other cities. I am in talks with a co-author in Baltimore and have been doing all kinds of research in Seattle. We are even talking about apps!!!


Looking Back to See Forward

It was my hope that SLAC would change the way people shop and think about food in St. Louis. There is so much depth and diversity of food in the metro area, some still undiscovered. Every time you step into a small store, you are helping a small business thrive and connect. This micro-economy (also known as Slow Money) and connection with each other makes St. Louis an amazing community.

Go into Paul’s Market in North County and ask the butcher behind the counter about the best cut for pot roast, maybe you’ll get his mom’s secret recipe. Go into Seema Enterprises on Page and ask the man behind the counter how he likes to cook the mystery vegetable that you pick up. This is how we gain knowledge as a community, how we share stories, how we feel good about the food we eat.

Good food is not just about “organic” apples or “local” squash, it’s about how the food got there and then what we do with it. It’s about the how the shopping and cooking experience makes the food just as good as the ingredients. A meal imbued with good juju.

I have heard from lots of people that they find the book a great resource, but I hope they are also finding it adds experiences, stories, and wisdom that will last a lifetime.


In the News

We had this lovely write up in the Ladue News in December. Including a recipe from the book and suggestions of where to buy your ingredients!

Check it out here:

Green Gourmet

Also we made it onto the Post Dispatch Gift List!

See the list here:

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