About the Book

Our Website: ShopLikeAChef.com
Shop Like a Chef: A Food Lover’s Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods is the quickest way to shop small and local. This guidebook highlights all manner of grocery and specialty stores in the St. Louis area, broken down for easy access into neighborhoods as well as store type.
The first set of chapters features about 20 neighborhoods in the Metro Area, giving a little history of each and the current demography in relation to the grocery stores that remain open today. The second set of chapters separates the stores by way of type – or usually, ethnicity. From Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia to Natural Food Stores, there are about 20 more chapters of helpful information for the new and experienced grocery shoppers alike. Each of these chapters includes a lexicon of items you might find in the type of stores listed – with a small description on how to buy and use these items.
The book includes Side Bars, full of interesting tidbits and tips, as well as over 2 dozen tested recipes. The Foodie’s Guidebook aims to be charming and entertaining, with real functionality for folks that want to get to know their neighborhoods better, or start supporting smaller businesses, or expand their culinary knowledge, or just to have a fun foodie adventure.

Frustrated with business traditional publishing, Matt and I did what any 21st century person does in the “Age of the Internet” : took it to Kickstarter.

They have paired up with a lovely Publishing Consultant, Sharon Woodhouse, at Everything Goes Media and are venturing to publish this thing ourselves.


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